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Welcome to Eteration
We Are Your Custom Software Experts

In the fast evolving world of today’s business, ETERATION creates solutions and services that enable companies stay ahead of competition in ever changing markets. We bring our experience in building infrastructures and digitalization that leverage the current investments while promoting the new generation of technologies like Microservices and Cloud.

As a services oriented and independent company, ETERATION has a well-established base in the area of creating, adapting and planting the latest state-of-the-art technologies to Enterprises and Institutions. With its vast project experiences and expertise, ETERATION is a trusted technology advisor of Enterprises and Institutions in their digital transformation projects around the region

Multi-sector Digital Transformation, Application Integration, Cloud Technologies, Microservices and IoT expertise
Cloud Migration Services including Assessment and Development, Software Architecture and Technology Consultancy
Eteration Labs
Eteration Labs
Strong commitment to Research and Development, actively involving and being funded in several EU-wide R&D projects
Eteration Academy
Eteration Academy
Java, Cloud and Project Management Trainings from hands-on subject experts that empowers your enterprise
Your Technology Partner in the Digital World

ETERATION shares its experience to give your organization competitive power in the new digital world. Digital transformation and cloud migration have not only become a trend, but a reality in the last ten years. With our vast expertise on Digital Transformation, Cloud Technologies, Integration and IoT, ETERATION will be your technology partner in the new economy.

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation
Vast digitalization projects experience in different verticals
Cloud Technologies
Cloud Technologies
Cloud assessment, migration and development experience in several verticals
Application Integration
Application Integration
Years of integration experience in various projects in several sectors
Project experience coupled with research and development activities
We Build Your Custom Software & Applications

ETERATION builds the right solutions for your organization, transforming it to a Digitally enabled body while leveraging your existing investments. Our experts determine the right set of technologies for this transformation and apply these set of technologies to build frameworks and applications that would act as the baseline for your further developments.

Digital Transformation
Integration, digitalization and seamless interaction of delivery channels. All made possible with our Java and cloud experts.
Project Management Services
Project and program management coupled with industry best-practices to boost your custom development projects
Technology Consultancy
Architecture, refactoring, performance tuning and optimization of your existing systems and applications along with rapid technology transfer for your teams
Cloud Migration Services
Helping your organization in cloud migration with hands-on experienced cloud consultants and project team.
Cloud Assessment Services
On the Journey to Cloud, focal point is to understand how to begin. Our Consultants help your organization to envisage your strategy
Microservices and Cloud Development
Public, Private or Hybrid; regardless of your strategy, our experts builds your microservices architecture with cloud-native development
Application Lifecycle Management
Coupled with project management, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) helps your team in all software development projects
Internet of Things‎
Embedded sensors, actuators in all kinds of devices, vehicles and appliances made possible by our software expertise in Internet of Things (IoT)
Integration Services
Integration is the key to success of seamless applications. Our expertise in biringing in software modules or programs opens the doors for your business

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Last Events
28 Jun - 29 Jul 2021
Eteration Bootcamp 2021

Genç yazılımcıların kendilerini geliştirmelerine, staj yapabilmelerine ve sonrasında da iş hayatına atılabilmelerine fırsat tanıyabilmek için bu sene 10.su gerçekleşecek olan Bootcamp (28 Haziran- 29 Temmuz 2021) etkinliğimizi uzaktan (online) düzenliyoruz.


29 Jun - 10 Jul 2020
Eteration Bootcamp 2020

Genç yazılımcıların kendilerini geliştirmelerine, Eteration ailesine katılabilmelerine ya da staj yapabilmelerine fırsat tanıyabilmek için 8 yıldır Yazılım Okulu etkinliğimizi düzenliyoruz. Etkinlik bu sene 29 Haziran - 10 Temmuz 2020 tarihleri aralığında düzenlenecektir.  Etkinliğe katılmak istiyorsanız başvuru formunu doldurmanız gerekmektedir. Neden bu etkinliğe katılmak istediğinizi, sizin için önemini, hedeflerinizi, planlarınızı formda detaylı ve gerçekçi anlatmanız seçilmeniz için önemli bir etkendir.

Last Meetups
27 Jul 2020 - 20:00
Introduction to GraphQL and Apollo Client
Webinar - Süleyman Çelikel
Quick introduction to the basic concepts of GraphQL and Apollo Client. GraphQL tool usage will be introduced. A demo will be made with React Native, GraphQL and Apollo Client.
22 Jun 2020 - 20:30
Redux Advantages
Webinar - Ceyhun Çelik
Webinar contents purposed answer below questions Where Did It Come From ? How Did It Come Out ? Why Was It So Preferred ? Why Would We Need To Use Redux ? What Its Advantages ? Where Can Redux Be Use